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The portfolio consists of 1,718 units in 38 buildings spread across 16 NYCHA properties that range from small scattered-site walkups to large high-rise towers. They are located primarily in Upper Manhattan, as well as in Murray Hill and the Upper West Side.

The 16 Developments are:

  • 335 East 111th Street
  • Park Avenue-East 122nd, 123rd Streets
  • Manhattanville Rehab (Group 2)
  • Manhattanville Rehab (Group 3)
  • Public School 139 (Conversion)
  • Samuel (MHOP) I
  • Samuel (MHOP) II
  • Samuel (MHOP) III
  • Fort Washington Avenue Rehab
  • Grampion
  • Washington Heights Rehab (Groups 1&2)
  • Washington Heights Rehab Phase III
  • Washington Heights Rehab Phase IV (C)
  • Washington Heights Rehab Phase IV (D)
  • Wise Towers
  • 344 East 28th Street

Scope of Work

Renovations and improvements for individual apartments will include new kitchens, bathrooms, windows, doors, and flooring. Building-wide renovations can include roof repairs, facade work, elevator upgrades and replacements, mechanical systems upgrades, additional security systems, and new heating systems. Enhancements will also be prioritized for common areas, community centers, landscaping, and playgrounds. Design upgrades including bold graphics and signage will provide visual interest and enhanced wayfinding that may be particularly beneficial for NYCHA’s senior citizen population.

We understand that each development is unique and may have other specific needs. We will work with the tenants and NYCHA staff to identify those needs as part of an ongoing collaborative process.

PRC Commitment to Residents

During the renovation process, current tenants will be able to remain in place, in their apartments, with appropriate accommodations for disabled residents and others that require special assistance. In the event that some rehabilitation work is not possible with tenants in place due to safety or health concerns, PRC will be responsible for all relocation efforts, and tenants will have the right to return to their apartments after work is completed.

We plan to actively seek the expertise of the residents and staff that have lived and worked in these buildings and communities for years. PRC will hire staff directly from the NYCHA developments both during the construction period and for the long-term operations of the property.


Summer 2019 – Spring 2020

  • NYCHA designates PRC as development team in June 2019
  • Resident engagement meetings begin and continue through construction financing closing
  • Interview/hiring process underway for NYCHA tenants and staff for construction, tenant liaison, property management and similar positions
  • Meet with every household:
    • Develop renovation scope for every apartment
    • Determine household needs for assistance during renovations and on-going social services
  • Existing life/safety issues and lead abatement will be addressed during the pre-development scoping process

Spring 2020 – Spring 2023

  • Anticipated construction financing closing in Spring 2020
  • Construction work begins for main scope of work in 2020
  • Activation of parks/outdoor spaces and developing of social services space
  • All renovations completed by 2023

Below are some examples of what the renovated apartment interiors look like after a similar tenant-in-place renovation was completed by several members of the PACT Renaissance Collaborative. These images, at Mount Hope in the Bronx, do not represent the specific renovation plans for the NYCHA Manhattan portfolio, but residents can expect the same quality and attention to detail.